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Best Hotmail Email Extractor to Download Hotmail Emails Locally

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Published On January 18th, 2024
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Do you know about any Hotmail email extractor? It is an efficient application that helps out to take the emails from the Hotmail account directly and save on any offline drive.

This article will give you an overview of the best Hotmail mail extraction utility used by the users of Hotmail throughout the globe.

Let us start by understanding the importance of such a utility.

Hotmail account is one of the earliest mailing services. It got discontinued in 2012 where Microsoft swapped it by Outlook.com account. As the account was mainly in use at that time and many important emails were in the Hotmail account itself, it became a requirement to save the emails at a local end so that they are never lost.

Since this requirement came over, a large number of utilities were introduced to fulfill this need. But don’t know why none of them stayed for long. Then this application was introduced to the Hotmail users. You know it as Hotmail Email Extractor.

The application fulfilled the user’s needs and tried to keep all the user’s data as safe as best as possible.

Now, whenever, a Hotmail user needs to extract their data from the Hotmail account, the first search goes for Hotmail Backup Tool. So here, you will get to know about all the functionalities of this application and know the procedure to perform the email extraction.

Best Hotmail Email Extractor

This utility is the best due to its compatibility, friendliness UI, and amazing features for fast and efficient email extraction. This application gives away multiple options to save the email file like Outlook PST/MSG, Thunderbird MBOX, Apple Mail EML, and PDF format.

In addition, it gives away the user interface in six various languages: English, German, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish. Moreover, the application offers an enhanced extraction process to download the Hotmail emails faster to the destination of your choice (Desktop / Hard Drive / Memory Stick).

There are some amazing features of this utility that makes it the best Hotmail email extractor. You will find about its features in the section below. Now we are defining the steps, you need to do to extract emails from the Hotmail account.

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Steps to Extract Hotmail Emails

Step 1: Run the Hotmail Email Extraction tool on your system.

run Hotmail email extractor

Step 2: Log in with Hotmail or Outlook.com account.

login to tool

Step 3: Select a format to extract Hotmail emails (PST/PDF/MBOX/EML/MSG)

format.webp (1371×730)

Step 4: Browse the location to save the emails of Hotmail

browse saving location

Step 5: Click on Start to begin email extraction for the Hotmail account.

start Hotmail email extractor process

This way you extract all the emails you require from the Hotmail account. In addition, to this, you have some options that fulfill your other requirements in the best manner. You can know about all of them in the upcoming feature section.

Features of Hotmail Email Extractor

This email extraction software provides the following functionalities

Email Filtering: The application provides the facility to filter selective emails within a date range. This way you can extract the emails required. The rest of the emails are not taken into the process. For this, you need to select a date range to set the email filter range.

Folder Partition Extraction: Another important facility is the email folder extraction. Using this, you can select the email folders that are to be extracted from the Hotmail account. You need to check the folders from the email folder list visible in the Filter section. The checked mail folders will only take part in the Hotmail email extraction process.

Local Email Archiving: This option is very important and needs to be used very sensibly. It allows extracting and saving the email on any local drive and simultaneously removes the emails from the Hotmail account permanently. You can’t even see the emails in the Trash folder after selecting this option.

Folder Hierarchy Maintain: This option is an internal function of this Hotmail email extractor. During the process is ON, the application maintains to keep the folder hierarchy of individual emails that are being extracted from the Hotmail account. Once the extraction is completed, you can find the resultant file with the same folder structure as in the webmail account.

Incremental Backup: This is an amazing functionality in the new version of Hotmail email extractor. It gives an opportunity for the users to skip the previously processed emails from this session and extract only the other emails. This way you can get the new emails skipping the rest.

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These are some of the functionalities you will find in this application. During the email extraction state, you have the facility to stop and resume the process so that no disturbance halts the process forever. These features make this utility the best Hotmail email extractor of all times to date.

Final Verdict

In this session, you can find the best utility to extract emails from the Hotmail account to the local hard drive. It has got much functionality to ease the process of email extraction. If you want to save your time and effort on processing, then try this Hotmail email extractor getting an overview of this utility from here.