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Resolved “Delay in Opening Outlook Attachments” Issue – Here’s How!

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Published On January 25th, 2024
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Are you undergoing a cumbersome time opening attachments from the Outlook application? Is there a delay in opening Outlook attachments? Do not panic! Here in this blog, we will be elaborating on the sure-shot solution to troubleshoot this issue.

So folks, without wasting any more time, let’s discover the proven tactics!

Oftentimes, Microsoft Outlook users might have encountered an instance wherein they experience a delay while opening Outlook email attachments. Though this issue can occur due to different reasons such as the need for MS Outlook updation, etc.

This error can be handled in a stress-free way by following the below listed manual approaches. So, let’s check out each one of them in detail.

Manual Ways to Fix “Delay in Opening Outlook Attachments” Issue

A. Deselect Protected View for MS Office Files

If the attachment you are trying to open from Outlook belongs to MS Office such as MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, etc. Then, there might be a high chance that the file is being enabled with a protected view. In such cases, one needs to disable the protected view in order to open the attachment file.

Go through the following steps and disable the protected view in the MS Office Word document.

Note: Make sure to disable the protected view for every single MS Office application individually to open the attachment.

  • Open your word document 2013, then navigate to File>>Options>>Trust Center. 

delay in opening attachment

  • Upon clicking the Trust Center Settings option, go to Protected View and uncheck the option corresponding to “Enable Protected View for Outlook Attachments” as shown in the below image.

slow in opening Outlook attachment

  • Doing this will ensure that the word file as an attachment will not be protected in MS Outlook. As a result, it lets you open the word document in the Outlook application.

B. Update MS Outlook With the Latest Version

There is a slight delay in opening Outlook attachments for older versions in Outlook. However, using the new version will enable extracting and opening attachments without any hassle. Therefore, we suggest updating your existing Outlook version with the latest one to overcome the issue faced while opening an attachment in Outlook.

C. Open Outlook in Safe Mode

Many a time, there occurs a delay while opening Outlook attachments. This can be due to anti-virus or firewalls wherein it scans the emails along with the attachments, which might cause a delay. As a result, it is suggested to run Outlook in safe mode. For that, click Win+R, type outlook.exe /safe and click OK. With this, it will let you open the Outlook application in a safe mode wherein you can easily open and access the attachment file.

D. Open Outlook in Cached Exchange Mode

In case, if your Outlook is configured with an Exchange account, then make sure to enable “Cached Exchange Mode”. Otherwise, there might be a slight delay in opening Outlook attachments. Following are the steps to enable the option.

  • Launch MS Outlook>>File>>Account Settings>>choose the Exchange account under the Email tab and select the Change option.
  • After that, mark the checkbox corresponding to Use Cached Exchange Mode. With this, it will enable the cache mode in the Outlook application.
  • Once done, restart the Outlook application and open attachments.

Still, facing delays while opening Outlook attachments? Read on and resolve using the proven yet error-free method.

Fixed “Delay in Opening Outlook Attachments” – 100% Genuine Solution

Well, the aforementioned manual methods do not prove to be efficient to troubleshoot issues like delays while opening MS Outlook attachments. Therefore, availing of automated solutions likeMS Outlook Attachment Downloader is the best alternative over the manual workarounds.
The software is designed to extract Outlook attachments from multiple data items like emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, and journals. Moreover, the highlighted part of the utility is that it can easily download attachments from PST, OST, and BAK files without facing any technical disputes.

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What’s More?

Outlook Attachment Extractor is available in both Windows and Mac OS. Along with that, the demo version is absolutely cost-free with the same features as that of the full version. So, download the demo version from the above-given download button and easily resolve this issue of slow attachment opening. Users can avail of unlimited features using the full version of the tool at a reasonable price rate.

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Let’s Wrap Up

MS Outlook users encounter various errors in some or the other way. One such issue is the delay in opening Outlook attachments. Through this blog, we have highlighted both manual and automated workarounds. However, it is a wise option to use a third-party solution as it allows to fix the issue and helps to extract attachments from unlimited Outlook data files at ease.