Resolve Outlook Cannot Synchronize Subscribed Folders Error

Anuraag Singh | Last Modified: June 26th, 2020 | Outlook

MS Outlook is a widely used email application because users can easily configure other email accounts like IMAP, POP, Office 365, or Exchange with MS Outlook and access every one of their email messages at one spot. However, having numerous organizers and messages with connections frequently makes Outlook moderate, particularly when you configure numerous IMAP accounts with Outlook.

Numerous clients frequently get an  “Outlook cannot synchronize subscribed folders error” while connecting IMAP messages with Outlook. Even though it’s not for each email account, the error warning says 11 of 14 tasks have finished effectively with reported error 0x800CCC0E.

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Reasons For Outlook Cannot Synchronize Subscribed Folders with Error 0x800ccc0e

This error occurs due to the Outlook downloads all the messages with attachments when you configure an IMAP email account with it. Additionally, with an IMAP email account, just headers are synchronized to represent critical data, and the email’s attachments are possibly downloaded when you open/see an email message, or you’ve set Outlook to download all messages.

At the point when you get this error, it implies Outlook is not set up to perceive that the server requires an Advanced IMAP configuration boundary to read the folder structure appropriately. Along these lines, here, we will discuss the strategies that can be used to determine and resolve this error.

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Manual Ways to Fix Outlook Cannot Synchronize Subscribed Folders Error

In order to fix the error, do the activities referenced in the means given underneath.

  • Check the Internet Connection

It’s conceivable that Internet connections are not appropriate. So, check the Internet connection and ensure that there is a functioning connection between the PC framework and the Exchange Server.

  • Check the settings for the Email Account in Outlook

This error can happen due to wrong Incoming, Outgoing, Username, and Password account settings. Along these lines, all the account settings must be right. While checking the account settings, ensure that the username has the whole email address in it. The strategy to configure settings may contrast in various versions of MS Outlook. So, you can allude to Microsoft sites for details.

  • Erase email messages if they look dubious

Pernicious email messages can make issues like blocking of messages. So, it’s smarter to erase them from the mailbox by getting to it using the online program.

  • Check the antivirus application and disable it

Another purpose behind this error can be an anti-virus that is installed on your PC framework for security proposes. Disable all the counter anti-virus, firewall software, email spammers, or email examining software that are running into your PC framework. Some of the time these kinds of projects keep you from interfacing with your email account effectively. Along these lines, incapacitate all the projects until you begin getting to your email messages.

  • Check firewall setups

Ensure that your firewall does not block Outlook.exe from getting to the Internet. In any case, this technique has some security risks related to it.

  • Start Outlook in Safe Mode

Propelling Outlook in protected mode can resolve numerous Outlook errors.

  1. In most recent Windows forms like 10/8.1/8/7/Vista, in the Search bar, type outlook.exe/safe and hit Enter.
  2. In Windows 2003, 2000 and XP, in Start>Run, type outlook.exe/safe, and click on the OK.
  • Verify MS Outlook profile.

To check the working of your Outlook, make another profile, and send/receive messages with the new profile. On the off chance that it is working fine, make the new profile as the default profile.

Making another Outlook profile and set it as the default profile will help you in fixing numerous Outlook errors.

  • Clean all the messages stuck in Outbox
  1. Select the Work Offline mode under the Send/Receive
  2. Select the Outbox folder, move the messages to the Draft folder, or Delete the message put away in the Outbox folder.
  • Increment server timeout setting

Server timeout setting can be modified by following the steps:

  1. Execute Outlook on your PC.
  2. Go to File>Info>Account Settings>Account Settings
  3. Select the objective account and click on the “Change”.
  4. Select More Settings and choose the “Advanced” tab.
  5. Increment the server timeout settings until the error is resolved.
  • SMTP server settings

The “Outlook cannot Synchronize subscribed folders error” can occur due to SMTP server settings and email configuration settings. There are 2 methods to alter the SMTP settings.

  1. Modify the outgoing server setting
  • Click on Outlook>>File>>Account Settings>>Account Settings.
  • Under the Email tab, choose your email account double click on it.
  • Now, select the “More Settings” option.
  • In the Outgoing Server tab, select the “My outgoing server(SMTP) requires authentication” and click on the “OK” button.
  • Finally, restart Outlook and check if the error exists or not.
  1. Check Server Port Number
  • This procedure is almost similar till you reach to the “More Settings” option.
  • After this, select the “Advanced” tab.
  • Now, write the port number value for Outgoing Server(SMTP) as 587 and click on the “Ok” button.

So far we have seen how to fix Outlook Cannot Synchronize subscribed folders Error manually. But, after trying all the upper-mentioned methods, if you are not able to resolve this “Outlook cannot synchronize subscribed folders ” error. Then, the best method to resolve the error is fixing the OST files. The user can refer this to repair OST file Outlook 2019 /2016 / 2013 and below version. In case if your OST file is inaccessible then taking the help of OST Recovery Software is the best solution.


Many users are facing errors while using Outlook and one of the most common errors is “Outlook cannot synchronize subscribed folders error”. Therefore, in this blog, we have discussed the reasons for the occurrence of this error and how to resolve this error manually. Moreover, if you are not able to resolve this error manually, also if you are not so familiar with manual approaches. Then, the best and easy way to solve this error is by using SysTools OST Recovery tool.