How Can I Extract Files From Zip Folder

Anuraag Singh | Last Modified: September 16th, 2021 | Zip File

“I am looking for a good solution to extract files from zip folders directly because I can not follow manual steps to extract zip folders because I am a non-technical user. Can you recommend an excellent solution to solve my question?”

Are you also looking for a professional solution for extracting files from the zip folder? If so, read this blog! This blog is for all the users who want to know how to extract and save recovered data files. It also introduces a reliable software that easily extracts data in compressed format.

File compression is an essential part of the digital workplace. ZIP files use compression to send more data faster than ever. This is why ZIP files are a popular tool for companies around the world. But what exactly is a ZIP file?

ZIP is a common file format used to compress one or more files in one location. This reduces the file size and makes it easier to transfer or save. The recipient can extract (or decompress) the ZIP file after the transfer and use the file in its original format.

Manual Methods to Extract Files from Zip Folder

  • Double-click the zip file you want to extract to open File Explorer
  • At the top of the explorer menu, find “Zip Folder Tools” and click on it.
  • Select the “Extract” option that appears below.
  • A popup will appear.
  • Select the “Extract” button at the bottom of the pop-up window

This method is not always successful and may display an error. Some of the common error messages that are likely to appear are:

Corrupted or damaged ZIP data File: The ZIP file does not appear to be a valid ZIP archive.

  • Cyclic redundancy check error
  • Invalid compressed Zip folder

If you encounter any of these errors, you will need a reliable data recovery solution. Sys Zip Repair is the leading zip recovery tool recommended by data recovery professionals. After installation, it will only take a few minutes to repair your corrupted zip files.

How Can I Extract Files from Zip Folder Using Professional Method 

To Extract files from the Zip folder, you can use the SysTools Zip Repair Tool. It provides the ability to extract selected files in compressed format or in uncompressed format; according to your requirements. By default, the software will save the file in uncompressed format with attributes. It can extract music files, photos, documents, emails from ZIP archives.

It comes with a free trial version that is useful for testing the features of the software. It also allows previewing recovered Zip files

Steps by Guide to Extract Files From Zip Folder

  • First of all, Download Tool and Install the product set up on your Windows Machine.

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  • Load the desired ZIP files from your system into the software to proceed.

Load File

  • You can preview the loaded ZIP files along with all the attributes. Right-click to view files, unzip and save large files.

preview Zip Files

  • You can extract file (s) using the Extract and Extract All tab in the navigation pane of the window.

Extract Zip file


In this blog, we have explained the detailed method to extract files from the zip folder. The manual technique is very lengthy and does not give 100% successful conversion results. It’s a completely secure application that yields an accurate outcome.