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An Authentic Medium to Probe MBX File: Eudora Email Viewer

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Published On October 5th, 2023
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Eudora email application is part of many investigation cases and studying its file structure and viewing email contents has been a challenging task for many investigators. Eudora application while setting up stores many details in the system. Being a desktop-based email client, Eudora also stores emails in specific email files.

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This file can be acquired and the data in it can be analyzed for examining emails. Which can lead to evidence, or can be proved as evidence itself. However, in order to analyze Eudora emails it is important to know about MBX file format in terms of forensics first.

Hi, I am Johan and I want to view my MBOX email client data. I already tried many ways to view my Eudora email clients. But, no reliable information was found. So, please anyone suggest a way to view emails.

Emails Storage & Locations in Eudora Application

Eudora application supports IMAP and POP Mail accounts and for both of these configurations, emails are stored in the system locally. IMAP accounts usually implement downloading of emails, saving it on the system where the account is configured in the Eudora application.

Emails belonging to these accounts are stored on the server and then downloaded to the desktop email application. “Dominant” directory is available as the top directory stores the mailboxes for IMAP accounts. In order to analyze the emails of Eudora. Firstly it is important to understand the email file format and locations of the email storage files for POP and IMAP accounts.

Eudora email application stores emails in MBX file format, which is one of the variants of the MBOX file format. All Eudora mailbox files have the same extension. But it is not necessary that the email files will be visible with the extension. It depends on the settings done with the system’s Folder options. Eudora saves the emails of folders in files with names such as: In.mbx, Out.mbx, etc. Which without extension will appear as In, Out, etc. The default location for these files is:



Note: It is not necessary that the emails will appear in these default locations. Eudora provides an option using which the directory of the email storage can be changed.

Grab the Best Automated Solution to View Eudora Emails

Once the emails are extracted from these locations, the emails can be viewed using a professional email viewer which is MBOX Viewer Tool. This is because the MBX file is not supported by all email platforms and it cannot be opened directly. Therefore, it is important to use a professional Eudora email viewer. Which helps to analyze the emails completely. A professional application like MBX Viewer can be utilized to perform a thorough analysis of the MBX file.

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Moreover, this tool provides quick steps to easily perform this task without facing any hassle. So, below we have explained the safe & secure solution. Let’s follow the same!

Quick Working Steps of the Automated Tool

Follow the below step-by-step instructions to use this tool without having any technical issue:

1. Install the software on your Windows machine.


2. Preview “MBOX File” email messages within forensic MBOX File reader

eudora email viewer

3. Now, preview multiple Switch Mode with MBOX Explorer Software


4. After that, this tool provides Normal Mail & Attachments View.

eudora email viewer

Multiple MBX email files of the Eudora application can be viewed using this Eudora email viewer by adding these files one by one to it. This professional utility provides an intuitive interface to investigate multiple emails in bulk. It gives a perfect platform to interrogate multiple Eudora application emails and presumes to be one of the best Eudora email investigating kits. Moreover,  a profound investigation done on the Eudora application emails using this tool can lead to trace evidence.

Finishing Line

Here, we have provided a reliable solution for “Eudora Email Viewer” through which users can easily view emails without facing any error. The above automated tool has no restrictions and the non-technical users can easy-to-use this utility. It has many advanced features and simple steps to easily overcome these types of issues. So, read this blog to easily view MBOX emails along with attachments without facing any hassle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1: Is there any email client dependency by using this tool?

A 1: No, this tool is designed with advanced algorithms, which makes it possible for users to read MBOX emails without any installation. It is also able to view MBX, MBOX, MBS, files of multiple emails clients.

Q 2: How Can I View Multiple MBOX Files?

A 2: This tool permits users to read and view multiple MBOX files in batch mode. They can easily explore bulk MBOX files via the tool without any email client installation on your PC.

Q 3: Is there any file size limitations to view Eudora emails?

A 3: No, this tool doesn’t have any restrictions on file size of MBOX file. Therefore, you can also view MBOX files of any size and view them successfully.