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Learn How to Convert Read Only PDF to Editable PDF in a Smart Way

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Published On January 22nd, 2024
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Looking for some seamless approach for converting read-only PDF files to Editable ones? Or want to copy text from a read-only PDF? Want to use a reliable, offline, and efficient approach to unlock read-only PDF?  In this blog, we have covered all possible solutions for the same.

Managing a large number of PDF files has now become a day-to-day task for everyone. Whenever it comes to storing any important information, PDF is the first name that strikes in any user’s mind. But, to keep their important information safe and secure, they simply protect it from a password and make them read-only PDF file. When the document is read-only, a user is not allowed to perform any desired operation on it like printing, reading, copying. Therefore, sometimes users want to convert read only PDF to Editable PDF document and thus, they start searching online for the same. But online available free tools are not always the best possible way to unlock read-only PDF file. It might be possible that while using such tools, you are giving an invitation to some malicious software on your machine. Thus, it is really important to go for some trustworthy solution for the same.

Best Solution to Convert Read Only PDF to Editable/ Writable PDF

If a user is unable to edit the PDF file, it is clear that the document is copy-restricted. Therefore, to get complete access to PDF file, a user needs to unlock it first. Now, the question is how one can remove copy restrictions from PDF files. In order to have a seamless approach, a user is suggested to take help of a professional approach i.e. PDF File Unlocker. The application will help to unlock protected PDF file and also helps to remove all types of restrictions. Apart from this, a user can unsecure the document from commenting, printing, document assembly restriction also. The best part about the application is that it does not require an owner-level password or you can say a permission password to convert read only PDF to editable PDF document. One just simply needs to add secured PDF file in the software and get the unrestricted PDF file in a few minutes.

For Windows

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For Mac

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After downloading the software follow these steps to change read only PDF to writable document:

1- Open the software and click on the Unlock button

2- Click the Browse icon and select the PDF file

3- Preview the restrictions present in the document

4- Click the Unlock PDF button and start the process

5- Now, the PDF file unlocking process gets completed

Now, after completing the process of converting read only PDF files to editable ones, you are allowed to make changes in the way you want. In order to know multiple methods for the same, just have a look at the section below:

How to Convert Read Only PDF to Editable PDF in Multiple Ways- Top 3 Ways!

A user can go for any of the below-mentioned techniques to edit a PDF file:

Technique 1: Use Google Docs to Edit PDF

The very first choice of a user is to go for some free and easy solution. To help them out in the same, steps to edit a PDF file using Google Docs are mentioned below:

  • To start the process, open Google Docs using your Gmail account
  • Then, simply click Folder icon -> Upload tab from the top-right side of window
  • Now, you have to click Select a file from your computer button
  • After that, select the secured PDF file that you want to upload to Google Docs. Click on the Open button
  • When you open the desired PDF file, simply click on the Open With button on the top of the window. Then, select Google Docs option
  • Here, you can make any changes in the PDF file as per your requirement
  • As your editing is completed, click File -> Download as -> PDF Document (.pdf) option. Then, simply download the edited PDF file on your local machine
Limitation: Delete images and there are some changes in the formatting

Technique 2: Use Online Free Software 

There are many software available online that can help users to convert read only PDF to Edit. To do the same, all of them will convert PDF to Word file and after that one can easily edit it as per the requirement. But, there is a wide range of applications available online so, choosing the right one and secured one is a really tough task.

Limitation: The process is quite slow and completely unreliable for confidential PDF files.

Technique 3: Use Adobe Acrobat to Edit PDF

If your PDF file contains important information and you cannot take any risk to lose it, simply go for Adobe Acrobat application. It is an authentic and way of editing a PDF document. However, it is not free but offers multiple options to convert read only PDF to editable PDF. Follow the steps given below, to edit a PDF file:

  1. First of all, open Adobe Acrobat application on your machine
  2. Next, navigate to File-> Openbutton
  3. Select the desired PDF file that need to be edited in the document window
  4. After that, select Export PDF button
  5. Here, select Microsoft Word as an Export Destination option
  6. Then, click on the Export button
  7. Now, you can edit the document as required. Click on the File>> SaveAs.. button
  8. Choose PDF option from the drop-down menu and click on Save button.

Limitation: It is a paid solution and not easily affordable.


Several time users came across a situation where they need to unlock read-only PDF document. At that point of time, people wants to convert read only PDF to editable PDF document. Therefore, for the resolution of the queries like “how to convert read only PDF to writable ones” multiple solutions are covered here.