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Amazon Workmail Export Emails to Computer / PC on Windows

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It is quite a necessity to keep a copy of your important data in a safer place. So if you are in a need to create a backup of your Amazon Workmail account, read this article. This is an illustration of how Amazon Workmail export emails to a local drive or any other mail client.

An AWS Workmail user can easily download the email data to any Windows-based system using the very efficient SysTools AWS Workmail Backup Tool. It is known for its efficient working environment with at-most safety to export your emails locally. You can know an overview of the utility and its process structure to export emails from the Amazon Workmail account.

So let us get started, firstly know the system requirements it needs to work efficiently on any Windows system.

This backup software works well on all Windows systems having the following requirements fulfilled to export Amazon Workmail:


Drive space: 100 MB

Framework: Microsoft .Net 4.5 or above version

Processor: 2.4 GHz processor

This will be it. Apart from this, make sure you disable the MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) of the AWS account to successfully run the account in the utility. Now let us know the functionalities and the process of execution.

Overview on Best Amazon Workmail Export Solution

The email backup utility is easy to execute in multiple email formats. You can save your mail data in any popular mail format like PST, MSG, MBOX, EML, or PDF. To make the utility more comfortable to use by users around the world, the application is compatible to work in different languages. You have language options from English, French, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Russian, etc.

Apart from the language facility, the users have many email filtering options to export Amazon Workmail emails to the local storage. Also, there is a function for the incremental email export option. In case you want to delete some emails from the account and don’t want to lose the emails, you can try the Delete after Download option within the utility.

This helps out to keep up the emails and also deletes the emails from the Amazon account. We will share the list of facilities given out by the utility in the upcoming sections. Now we go to the Amazon Workmail export process.

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Steps for Exporting Emails to Hard Drive

  • Run the tool on Windows OS and log in with Amazon Workmail account.


login to tool

Attention: Users of Mac OS can download the IMAP Email Backup Tool to perform this task:

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  • Select an email format.

select email format

  • Browse a location to export the emails.

browse location

  • Click on Start to begin the export process.

start Amazon Workmail export process

After the process completion, you can find the emails of AWS Workmail in your local system. You can open them anywhere using the file supported email client. During the process, the utility maintains the folder structure of each email so that from the resultant file it is easy to manage the email files.

Also, to provide a more secure and efficient process to export Amazon Workmail, there is the facility to Pause and Resume the operation so that no network interruptions fail the process.

Q: What if the system error occurred and the application got shut down?

Ans: There is an inbuilt facility in the utility that keeps the active process as a backup in the tool for any rapid shutdown of the process. Thus, in such a situation, you can re-login to the application and restore the process from the Home section. This will resume the process where it was stopped.

What Features Does this Utility Provide for Amazon Workmail Export?

The application has a large number of functionalities for its users to perform a satisfactory email export. Some major and popular functions are

Multiple Format Workmail Export: the application gives you the option to perform the export into PST, MSG, EML, PDF, and MBOX mail formats. These file types support many popular email clients like MS Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Zoho mail, The Bat, Eudora, etc.

Email Date Filtering: The user can filter emails with a date range and export emails to the local hard drive. This application to export Amazon Workmail gives the option to filter emails so that you export only the required data and the time and space is efficiently reduced.

Mail Folder Selection: Apart from the date range filtering, the AWS Workmail user can export emails from a particular mail folder.

Incremental Export Option: There is a facility to perform this export process in an incremental manner. Through this, the user can skip the previously exported data and export only the new emails.

Local Emails Archive: The utility offers to perform the Amazon Workmail export process to local system with a facility to delete the original emails from the account. This way the emails are safe in the system and the account storage is clear by deleting these emails permanently.

These are some major functions of this tool. You can easily perform the process to easily save your data offline using these features.

Final Verdict

This article is an illustration of the most successful utility to perform the Amazon Workmail export to a local drive. The users can use this solution as it offers many advanced features to export the emails locally.