MBOX File Converter: The Necessity and Workaround

Dexter Morgan | November 2nd, 2017 | Forensics

MBOX files are the topmost versatile email repository. The market is familiar to a wide number of email storage files that have ever been increasing. However, MBOX is slightly different from most of them. The file is a collection of messages in plain text format. Each message contained within the MBOX file is stringed to the other at its end. Every MBOX file format represents an email folder, i.e. a collection of messages from the origin email program. These files are generated by not one, but a variety of open source desktop mail applications. This includes; Thunderbird, Entourage, Spicebird, and many other such 3rd party applications programmed for desktop-based emailing purposes. This segment explains the requirement, advantage, and uses of the tool like MBOX file converter for translating MBOX.

Need of Conversion Despite Open Accessibility

MBOX files are open to being accessed on or with any application that supports reading the file. However, there are cases where the accessibility might get troubled a bit considering the condition. Some of such circumstances and requirements have been discussed below:

  • Varied Application Support: Accessibility on a variety of applications is not just a benefit but also a drawback from the security point of view. The files can be accessed by any or all MBOX supportive applications. Higher the number of applications associated with the file, complicated becomes the procedure of accessing it. Some applications import MBOX files, while others detect it from the default store folder only.
  • Access Without Application: Being a simple text-based file makes MBOX readable using a text reader or editor. Notepad, for example, can read an MBOX file format directly without any trouble. However, the challenge is to read the corresponding attachments. Notepad cannot read or display attachments of any type whether text, document, or image based. Therefore, not complete accessibility can be gained of the file. At this stage, the user needs MBOX file converter to open a file without the need of external server environment.

Outlook Data File Over Mailbox

Outlook Data files are Personal Storage Table files that consist of the entire account data of a particular user profile. The file is a proprietary of the Microsoft client thus, is not accessible by any other email program or importable on any too.

The file not only consists of email storage but also is a repository of other personal information managed by the user. The data file consists of data that includes; email folders, contact storage, calendar entries, journals, tasks, and more generated or exchanged by the user.

Therefore, for a collective representation of the MBOX file format contents conversion to Outlook PST file can be performed. Due to the lack of provision for MBOX to Outlook conversion, the data transfer can only take place using an external program.

Conducting The Conversion


As per the observation, the lack of procedures to make a direct and bulk data conversion from MBOX to PST, the accessibility of a third party program to be made. Therefore, MBOX File Converter would be highly recommended as the suitable solution for performing the conversion of mailbox data to Outlook Data File format. The program is built to support MBOX file format of varied platforms and convert them into more than just Outlook data file format.