DXL to MSG Converter: Efficacious Application for Data Migration

Carl Wilson | October 11th, 2017 | Forensics

XML or Extensible Markup Language defines a set of rules that are used for the purpose of encoding documents that are easily understood both by machines and humans. The very same XML representation when made in Lotus Notes is referred as DXL. DXL is used for designing Lotus Domino elements such as views, documents and forms as well. In other words, DXL can be defined as a version of XML that gives detailed description of the structure and the data residing in a Notes database.

Structure Of DXL

Lotus Domino DTD (Document Type Definition) file defines the structure of DXL. This can be found at the location IBM/lotus/notes/xmlschemas. DTD contains definition of XML tags that are used to validate external XML documents that are converted to DXL or to validate data while converting DXL.

The primary elements of DXL are:

  1. Core Entities

The entities which function as data types lie binary, hex, integer, Boolean, unid and notesid.

  1. Common Entities

The entities which re referenced in other elements or entities are referred as common entities. They are levels, length, pixel, color, etc.

  1. Domino Elements

These are all the elements that belong to DTD. They define the type of data that is stored in the Notes database or NTF template.

DXL To MSG Conversion: How Is It Useful?

DXL files need installation of Lotus Notes in order to give a preview of the data stored within them. This is the pre-requisite that is mandatory and needs to be fulfilled for accessing DXL data. However, installing Lotus Notes just for the sake of viewing DXL files is not a wise choice. The users might want an alternate way in order to access the DXL data without making investment in Lotus Notes.

However, for Outlook users, there exists a way by which the users can access DXL file without installing Notes. The users can convert DXL to MSG file, which can be later on imported in Outlook. This process can be performed with the help of professional tool like DXL To MSG Converter.

How Does DXL To MSG Converter Works?

It is an effectual utility designed with the aim of converting DXL files to MSG format with ease. The software supports the conversion of bulk DXL files as well, the software retains the rich text elements of DXL file while converting them into MSG formats. The user can name the output MSG files with different names on the basis of Subject, Subject + Date, etc. The software offers three options in relation with the hierarchy of DXL file while conversion. Maintain Hierarchy option maintains the hierarchy of the DXL file. The Flat Hierarchy option does not maintain the hierarchy and the last option Store At Source Location option saves the converted files at the source location of DXL files.


  • Download and install DXL to MSG Converter in your machine.
  • Select the DXL file from the list of files displayed on the left side of the software pane that has to be converted to MSG.
  • Double click on the file to view the email.
  • Click on Export option to convert the file into MSG format.
  • The three options in relation with the folder hierarchy will also be displayed. Select the one, which is apt for you.
  • Select Naming Conventions option to name the resultant MSG files.

Accessing DXL files in absence of Lotus Notes is an impossible task as far as the manual methods are concerned. However, with applications like DXL To MSG Converter, the users can easily access DXL files even in the absence of Lotus Notes.